Of Course It’s Popular – Asian Cuisine

Food is something we need, but more than a few people look at food as a way to enjoy life, rather than a means to survival. Very few of us are like monks, able to live on water and the optional bread and none of us are able to do photosynthesis, meaning that we all have to eat.

However, most people enjoy food, especially a certain country’s or rather, a continent’s cuisine. In the West, Asian cuisine is very popular, mostly because it is so distant and so much different than what we think of as our own cuisine.

Here are some reasons as to why Asian cuisine is popular in America.

The Exotic Nature of a Foreign Culture

To most people in America, Asian cuisine is simply exotic, which immediately makes it more interesting than local culture. It comes from a faraway county which might as well be on another planet and it comes with different combinations of foods and spices, sometimes things that are not even used in local cuisine.

That alone makes it stand out in a sea of meals, making Asian cuisine a must try for many people. Another thing to note is that Asia has 48 countries, meaning that there are at least 48 different generalizations of a cuisine that people can try, not to mention specialities which vary by region.

An Explosion of Tastes

People like tasty food and Asian cuisine is notorious for its use or misuse of spices. Some people might not like the overly texturized food, with so many spices that it could make your stomach twirl. Others adore the novelty of a meal which has many spices, especially those which are not used locally. 

The most important thing is that despite its difference, Asian cuisine is very tasty, and people enjoy a tasty meal, which is another reason they are drawn to a foreign cuisine.


Let’s say that one tends to get enough fried meat to last them a lifetime after they have spent some time in America. Fried food can only get you so far. It is true that most Asian cultures are known for using meat as part of their specials, however, their use of vegetables and spices is more widespread.

To an American, used to meat and fried food, a meal with different types of vegetables, some meat and lots of spices, is a welcome change in their everyday lives. It is true that most of us could use more vegetables in our daily lives, which is what Asian cuisine provides, most of the time.

It is Affordable

Given that Asian cuisine is mostly made from vegetables, lean meat and spices, it is relatively affordable. Now, if you order from an overpriced takeout place or restaurant, prices will go up exponentially.

However, purchasing the groceries yourself and making a meal at home, the prices tend to stay reasonable and that makes a lot of sense in a world where the economy seems to be taking a dive.

The Culture

Some people start exploring a country’s culture and they end up having to try their cuisine and that is true of Asian countries and their culture. Something distant and seemingly exotic is very attractive, from the culture, to the food, one leading to the other, in no particular order.

These are some of the reasons why Asian cuisine has been popular in America in recent years.