What is Vietnam Known For?

There are some countries in the world that people don’t know much about, except what is popular about them in everyday culture, and what the mass media portrays. One of such countries is Vietnam, especially in the West, namely America. It tends to be known for the Vietnam War, and a bunch of movies and songs made in the late sixties and early seventies.

As someone who loves Vietnam and its culture very much, it pains me to see that a country as lovely as Vietnam is known for anything else but its many wonders.

Here is what Vietnam is actually known for and what you can expect to see if you visit.

A Small Country Packed With Culture

Whether after-war relics such as camps, or cities which are filled with culture, Vietnam has many relics of the distant and recent past to offer. There are many ancient ruins to explore and get in touch with Vietnam’s distant culture. 

There is no escaping the war, as there are many monuments to the war, such as tunnels, military bases, as well as a plethora of museums dedicated to it. Wherever you turn, you will find culture and history.

The Landscapes

Vietnam has many iconic landscapes to see. From the rice paddies and mountains to the fabulous karsts. Karsts are interesting because they are basically spires and mountains with lots of holes, often over or on a body of water. You will find them near bays such as Lan Ha Bay. 

They are also special because karst also refers to the biological ecosystem created in such a space. They are a sight to be seen and Vietnam’s coast is practically littered with them.

Regardless, for those who prefer nature over cities, Vietnam has it in abundance.

The Cities

Apart from the history and nature, Vietnam has a couple of rather interesting cities, from the huge and busy capital, Hanoi, to its even bigger counterpart, Ho Chi Minh City. These cities are definitely the go-to locations for tourists itching to know the Vietnamese culture, compressed in one place.

However, for those seeking something different, the city of Hoi An, a UNESCO Heritage Site, home to the old city. This is an attraction for those who prefer a smaller city, yet still packed with culture and history.

The Cuisine

Everyone loves food, and the people visiting Vietnam are not different. Vietnam, being situated in southeast Asia, has a lot of nearby competitors when it comes to cuisine, yet it manages to stand out with its own specials. Noodles are popular in all of east Asia, including Vietnam, so expect plenty of different types and approaches to noodles.

Specials include a banana blossom salad, filled baguettes or banh mi, stuffed pancakes and many more. 

Vietnam is a beautiful country with a culture and history that should be explored prior to anything else you might see online in a popular tabloid article. These are some of the things it is famous for. Why not visit Vietnam and find out, first hand, what it’s like?