The Most Visited Asian Countries in the Past Decade

The Asian continent is a vastly different experience for Europeans, let alone Americans. The culture tends to be so different that people are almost stunned when they first visit any country from the Asian continent. 

The past decade has been interesting and we like to travel, before, during and after the pandemic which slowed things down a bit. Asian countries are still very popular destinations, but some are more popular than others. Here are the most visited Asian countries in the past decades.

China – By a Large Margin

Of all the countries in Asia, China is the most visited country of them all. Around 60 million people visit China annually. There is a lot to see in China, it being such a different country from city to city, not to mention the different parts of the country, regions, landscapes, cultures, and history. It has so much to offer that even a decade wouldn’t be enough to explore it all.

Thailand – A Land of Deep Roots

Most people know Thailand for some unsavory things from popular culture, as well as its exciting nightlife, not to mention Muay Thai, or Thai kickboxing, a very popular form of kickboxing that uses elbows and knees.

Thailand has many cultural wonders for people to see, from various cities to old ruins and heritage sites. Around 39 million people visit Thailand annually.

Japan – The Vibrant Choice

Most people would expect Japan to be at the top of the list, but Japan doesn’t have the same popularity across the world as it does in the United States. While 32 million people visit Japan annually, one would say that that is anything but a small number of tourists.

Japan has a very specific culture and history, some of which people are familiar with through popular culture, but not everything, hence its popularity among tourists.

Malaysia – An Unexpected Fourth

Malaysia might not be at the top of someone’s list but it still gets 26 million annual tourists. Some visit because they want to explore Kuala Lumpur and its many sights, others because of its lovely coastline. Interestingly, Malaysia has a very large number of people there for medical tourism, around a million every year. 

These are the most popular Asian countries in the past decade, but if the list were to continue, countries like Hong Kong, Macao, Vietnam, India and South Korea would be next in line on the list. Which one will you visit?